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Definition of a Drum Set



In simple terms, a Drum Kit or a Drum Set is a collection of drums, bells, cymbals, and other percussion musical instruments that is used by a drummer during a performance. The actual components of the kit may vary based on the personal preference of the drummer or the genre of music that is being performed by the drummer and his band.

A standard drum kit consists of the following instruments:

– Snare Drum

– Bass Drum

– Hi-Hat Cymbals

– Tom-Toms

-Crash Cymbals

Of course, certain instruments can be added to the collection like the tambourine (mounted or unmounted), cow bells, and other customized percussion instruments if necessary.

The most prominent of the drum components would have to be the snare drum. This is because it produces a kid of ‘backbeat’ snap that is suitable with any kind of music. Aside from that, it is usually placed right beside the drummer’s dominant hand so he can hit it more often than the other drums. More often than not, microphones are placed beside the snare drum to highlight its sound during a live performance.






The history of man using drums can be traced back in ancient times, but the development of Drum Sets was significantly attributed in the year 1865. During this year, certain musicians began experimenting on different kinds of custom instruments by putting together a collection of conventional musical devices in order to create a new sound. Since the bass drum, the snare drum, and cymbals are often played with drum sticks, avant-garde musicians often group them together during theater and stage performances. And this further led to the development of the trap set where one drummer would be able to play on multiple percussion instruments at the same time.



Drumming Tips for Beginners

Are you itching to play that first beat? Learning how to play drums is very useful since a music band wouldn’t sound the same without a drummer. And since most of the famous drummers we have today were self-taught, then it would easy for you to know how to play even if you don’t have proper training.

So here are some useful tips you can follow in order to become a skillful drummer. These tips are collected based on the advice of the most talented drummers we have today as well as a few common sense techniques to whisk your way into stardom:

1. Loosen your grip – Most beginners have the tendency to hold their drum sticks very tightly as they think this will help in playing beautiful music, but the thing is it’s all about the flick of the wrist. Skilled drummers prefer to loosen up their grip so that the stick would literally bounce off to the drums and allow them to drum faster. Gripping on the other hand, limits your drum speed as you have to exert effort in lifting up the stick and wasting precious energy in the process.



2. Sit comfortably – Invest on a comfortable drumming stool rather than sitting on a chair as this will also affect the way you play. Moreover, you feel sore as you practice playing for long hours. Drumming stools may not come cheap, but they are ideal for drumming. Hence, this can also help you to learn faster in the end.



3. Start slow – Yeah, it’s a bit tempting to imitate band drummers as they skillfully play their kit as if it’s part of their body. But we should also adhere to the fact that no one will become a master overnight. Start things slow and try to “pulse”(feel) they way you play. Play the beat slowly the first time and gradually increase the speed as you get the hang of it.



4. Count out loud – Playing drums is like dancing in some ways for you have to follow proper timing. Since it’s embarrassing to play a new beat in wrong time, then you should learn to play your drums by counting out loud. Try to do this during your practice sessions until you memorize the entire song in your head.



5. Focus on a particular style – Ringo Starr may not be a superb technical drummer per se, but his offbeat creative style help defined music that made the Beatles the music icons they are today. On the other hand, Lars Ulrich may have a brash style of playing, but this had never failed to electrify the crowd each time Metallica played during their live concerts. In other words, you have to focus on a style that you think you play the best and in turn, this will lead you to great success.




How to Choose the Best Drum Set

Choosing the best drum set for your needs can be tricky. There are so many options to choose from and each combination has it sets of advantages and disadvantages. So if you’re looking to pick the right Drum Kit to play with, here are some tips that you need to consider:

  1. 4 piece drum kits give you the edge in terms of simplicity. And it also allows you to position your cymbal at the perfect height and distance.
  2. 5 piece drum kits forces the cymbal to be placed farther. Hence, it also ends up higher.
  3. 5 piece drum kit with 1 top tom and 2 bottom toms is a perfect set up for playing jazz and classic music.
  4. Floor tom that this mounted on a floor stand may look cool, but it has a tendency to be unstable the moment you play with it.
  5. Floor tom on 3 legs is a traditional setup, but less resonant compared to the tom that is mounted on a floor stand.
  6. Rack system can be a handsome addition, but difficult to reposition.
  7. Small tom that is mounted on the snare drum is also a great addition, but make sure not to clamp the drum hoops very tightly.
  8. Old fashion mounts may be less bulky, but you are going to sacrifice resonance.
  9. Resonance tom mounts may increase resonance, but you are going to need bigger cases for storage.
  10. Carpet is an additional luxury and has no impact with how you play your music.



Featured Products

Here are some of the Go Drum Sets products that we can recommend for you to check out:

1.11. Pearl RFP924XSP/C Reference Pure 4-Piece Drum Set – Vintage Tobacco Burst This classic set up of a drum kit is perfect for all types of musical genre. The Reference Pure kit follows a strict standard of using only 9mm plies during construction. As a result the product will give off that nice thin resonant yet vibrant and extremely powerful for the player and those who are listening around.

The Pearl RFP924XSP/C Reference Pure 4-Piece Drum Set also includes these awesome features:

– Low Mass Swivel Tube Lugs (STL)

– Low Mass Ply-Shells which are evenly constructed

– Low Mass Fat Tone Hoops

– OptiMount Top Holders made of Aluminum metal (light yet extremely durable)

The combination of the drums in this set follows the standard 4-piece drum kit. And although it can be played with any kind of music, it goes best if you play with jazz, soul, and smooth beats.

The Vintage Tobacco Burst finish exudes a kind of rustic feeling as if you are transported back in time to the 50’s while playing feel good music. This classic appearance is unmatched even compared to the most recent of drum kit models out there.

Truly, Pearl has created a masterpiece in this drum set. It’s a thing of beauty whichever way you look at it.

2.12. Roland TD-30KV-S V-Pro Series Electric Drum Kit This new model is dubbed as the flagship model made by the masters in natural-playing and expressive electronic drums on the planet. Roland Corporation has been known to manufacture superb electronic drums models called the Roland V-Drums, but this drum kit is hailed as the first of its kind because:

– It is built with an advanced sensing technology and it allows the user to create unusual tunes with its SuperNATURAL sounds.

– It allows the drummer to use the product expressively and accurately through the help of the Behavior Modeling feature.

– It comes with an overhead mic simulation as well as dedicated ambience fader for indoor and room recording.

– It also allows the drummer to customize various beats and sounds through its Professional V-Edit mode.

– It has a USB port for easy backup of memory as well as audio playback of WAV and MP3 format of music.

This drum kit is highly recommended for bands who love to infuse techno sound with their style of music. Although it comes with a hefty price, the brand is something you can rely on. Therefore, it’s a guarantee to deliver optimal playing experience every time you play with it.

3.13. Pacific Drums PDCM2217PW 7-Piece Drum Set with Chrome Hardware – Pearlscent White This drum kit offers a fresh new look and sound the keeps drummers talking. The maple shells produce a warm depth and range which is unlike any kind of sound you can get from other trap kits. Plus, it also comes with a lot of useful configurations that you normally find in most drum sets we have today.

The PDCM2217PW 7-Piece drum kit includes the following features:

– 10-ply snare shells made of maple

– 7-ply toms shells made of maple

– STM Mounting System

– True-Pitch Turning Rods

– DW MAG Throw-off

– Bass Claw Hooks made of Die-Cast Metal

– Vintage-inspired dual-turret tube lugs

– and more

The set up of this kit is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you’re chilling out with friends at a garage gig or practicing some songs inside a studio, the sound and the look will always stand out. Even it go on a tour and play it in small venues, it will still look gorgeous as the way it sounds.

Look wise and sound wise, it’s definitely something you want to have for you and your band to play with!

4.14. Tama Imperialstar 8-Piece Double Bass Drum Set with Meinl HCS Cymbals Black (Black) The price of the product really stands out among the 4 featured products we have here as most skilled drummers and expert musicians say that the Tama Imperialstar 8-Piece kit is definitely a incredible product despite the price. Also, one thing that you will notice the moment you lay eyes on this beauty is the high quality assembly of the hardware as well as its edgy look.

And while you are mesmerized with the appearance of the instrument, playing it is another story as the drums sticks literally become a part of the kit. The hi-hat and the pedals respond accordingly. Aside from that, the cymbals sound very excellent! And the China cymbals give a kind of effect that is suitable in any kind of music. This enables any drummer to play any kind of music with ease, making the experience really fun and enjoyable the moment you hit the first beat.

Moreover, assembling the entire drum kit is not really a hassle as it allows you to install every component with ease. This drum kit is definitely a great pick up whether if you’re a beginner or just an average drummer in general.